FiFA extended Blatter's ban for another 6 years and 8 months in violation of multiple codes of ethics


Former okbet agent FIFA president Joseph Blatter was banned from football-related activities until 2028, with a new ban of 6 years and 8 months imposed by the world's soccer governing body.

Blatter, 85, was banned from the tournament and fined 1 million Swiss francs for violating multiple FIFA codes of ethics.

Former FIFA secretary-general Jerome Valk was punished with the same penalties as Blatter after he was also found guilty of a series of charges.

FIFA issued a statement saying: "The investigation into what happened to Blatter and Valk included a number of allegations, in particular regard to the payment of tournament bonuses to senior FIFA officials, various modifications and expansions to employment contracts, and Mr. Valk's reimbursement of private litigation costs in FIFA. ”

However, the penalty does not take effect immediately, and the new ban will only take effect after the current suspension period for Blatter and Valk on various corruption charges expires. Blatter is currently barred from football-related activities until October 8, 2021, while Valck, 60, is banned from football-related activities until October 8, 2025.

That means Blatter won't return to full play in football until 2028, when he will turn 90.

The FIFA adjudication committee ruled that Blatter accepted an undue financial gain of 23 million Swiss francs. Over the 2010-2014 World Cup, the distribution and execution of excess bonuses among some fifa's top fifa officials has created a certain conflict of interest, which has caused FIFA to divergent in the past few years.

FIFA ethics investigators said FIFA also ruled that Blatter, Valk, former Argentine FA president Julio Grundona and former finance director Marcus Caterna had set up a conspiracy to make a huge profit for himself with minimal input.

In the end, the arbitration committee found that Blatter and Valk had similarly violated Articles 15 (Duty of Good faith), 19 (Conflicts of Interest) and 20 (Giving and Receiving Gifts and Other Benefits) of the FIFA Code of Ethics. In terms of sentencing, the Arbitration Commission finally applied the maximum extent of sanctions by reference and criteria.

Prior to this, considering that Blatter had served FIFA, UEFA and football for many years during his tenure, which had played a positive role in promoting the development of football, the Appeal Board finally announced that Blatter's ban had been reduced from 8 years to 6 years.

The previous penalty was due to the fact that he paid £1.3 million in "infidelity bribes" to former UEFA president Michel Platini as part of numerous corruption cases involving former FIFA officials.

Blatter responded immediately after the FIFA penalty was issued, denying that the former president had committed any wrongdoing and saying the penalty was a painful and puzzling blow.