Argentine Football Federation: The Ba-Argentina war that was interrupted last year will be officially cancelled and will not be played again


okbet casino news: The Argentine Football Association officially announced that the previously interrupted Brazil-Argentina World Preliminary match was officially cancelled, and this match will not be played.

Brazil's home game against Argentina on September 5 last year, Brazilian health officials rushed into the stadium 7 minutes after the start of the game, accusing the Argentine team of violating epidemic prevention regulations, and the game was stopped.

FIFA ruled in February that the match must be restarted in September. Before that, both Brazil and Argentina had qualified for the World Cup in Qatar. The results of the supplementary matches will not affect the World Cup qualifications, and may affect the preparations for the World Cup. Therefore, neither team wants to supplement the competition.

Now according to the latest news, the game has been cancelled. The Argentine Football Federation revealed that the team will play a warm-up match before the World Cup with other teams on the original match date.