FIFA cancels World qualifiers, Brazil and Argentina punish both football federations

Okbet sports| The National Football Association will pay the fine.


On September 5 last year, during the game between Brazil and Argentina in the World Preliminary World Cup in South America, because the host believed that the four visiting team players did not comply with the national epidemic prevention regulations, the staff of the Brazilian Health Surveillance Bureau forced into the field 5 minutes into the game to stop the game.

After that, the two football associations appealed to the FIFA Disciplinary Committee and finally decided to play a supplementary game in Australia in September this year. However, since the result of the game has no impact on the two teams qualifying for the World Cup finals, the supplementary game will also affect the preparation of the two teams for the World Cup. In the end, the Brazilian Football Association, the Argentine Football Association and FIFA reached an agreement and decided to cancel the game.

Brazilian Football Federation President Rodriguez said: "At the request of the national team coaching staff, we asked FIFA to cancel the game. Our priority now is how to win the title of 'six crowns' in Qatar."

In addition, FIFA asked the Brazilian Football Association to pay a fine of 300,000 Swiss francs and the Argentine Football Association to pay 150,000 Swiss francs.

Both the Brazilian and Argentine football federations decided to donate 25% of the fines directly to the World Health Organization to support the organization's efforts in the fight against the new crown epidemic.

After the game was canceled, the Brazilian Football Federation decided to use the free time to add a friendly match. They will play friendly matches against Tunisia and Algeria in Europe on September 22 and 27 respectively.