Champions League - Lewan scored a hat-trick as Casey scored as Barca won 5-1 at home


Barca celebrate the goal

OKbet casino sports news on September 8 (21:00 local time on the 7th of Spain), the first round of the 2022/23 Champions League Group C began to compete, Barcelona won 5-1 at home to Plzeň, Lewan hat-tricked, Casey and Ferran Torres scored.

Fati, De Jong, Casey, Roberto, Christensen and Alba rotated. In the 13th minute, Dembele drove a corner, Conde's header sailed wide, and Casey's right side of the penalty area went into the near corner. In the 34th minute, Roberto passed the ball and Levan shot into the bottom right corner from the edge of the penalty area to make it 2-0.


Barca 1-0, Casey


Barca 2-0, Lewan

Plzeň pulled back a city in the 44th minute of the victory, Yemelka's cross from the left side of the penalty area and Scola headed a header from the edge of the penalty area to make it 1-2. In halftime stoppage time, Dembele cut off the front and crossed from the right, and Levan scored from near range to make it 3-1.


Pilsen wins 1-2, Scola


Barca 3-1, Lewan

In the 67th minute, Ferran Torres returned the pass and Levan shot into the bottom right corner from 20 yards to make it 4-1. In the 71st minute, Dembele picked out a pass and Ferran Torres volleyed in front of the penalty area to make it 5-1.


Barca 4-1, Lewan


Barca 5-1, Ferran Torres

Barça (4-3-3): 1-Ter Stegen; 20-Roberto (46', 3-Pique), 15-Christensen, 23-Conde, 18-Alba; 19-Casey (81', 32-Torre), 21-De Jong, 8-Pedri (75', 30-Garvey); 7-Dembele (75', 14-Depay), 9-Lewan, 10-Fati (65', 11-Ferran Torres)


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