Single-handedly! Super substitute! Overtime buzzer-beater led the team to the Champions League

In the second leg of the Champions League play-offs this morning , Dinamo Zagreb played against Bode at home. Dinamo Zagreb's substitute striker Delmic became the hero of the team. After coming off the bench, Delmic made a pass at the last minute of extra time and single-handedly pulled Dinamora Zagreb into the Champions League group stage.


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In the first round, Dinamo Zagreb lost 0-1 to Bode Shine. In the second leg, Dinamo Zagreb led 2-1 at home within 90 minutes and the two teams entered extra time with a 2-2 aggregate score. Delmic was replaced in the 82nd minute, and he ushered in a big explosion in the last minute of overtime.

In the 117th minute, Delmic scored in a very calm way to give Dinamo Zagreb a 3-2 aggregate lead. The teammate fell to the ground when he singled out the goalkeeper on the right side of the penalty area, and Delmic got the ball near the arc of the penalty area. Delmic did not shoot blindly directly, but came to pull the ball with a rather artistic right foot. After shaking off the angle, Delmic pushed the ball into the net with his left foot.


Bode Shining collectively pressed on the mad attack, which gave Delmic the opportunity to counterattack. In the 120th minute, Delmic got the ball in his own midfield, he drove straight into the attacking half, and then faced the goalkeeper with a selfless cross. Borg Young, who also came off the bench, followed up on the left and sent the ball into the empty goal. With this goal, Dinamo Zagreb won the Champions League group stage tickets with a total score of 4-2.


In world football, Delmic is just an obscure little figure. Delmic scored just 10 goals in 35 appearances for Switzerland, and in his six years in the Bundesliga , only one season has reached double figures. In the 19/20 season, Delmic played 21 Premier League games in Norwich and only scored 1 goal, watching the team's tragic relegation. But tonight, Delmic is the absolute savior of Dinamo Zagreb.