Arteta: Arsenal control the game can't understand the double standards of refereeing


In this round of the Premier League, Arsenal lost 1-3 to Manchester United, and the winning streak was ended. After the match, Arsenal boss Arteta said he was disappointed that the team lost the game, this game Arsenal had some good chances, Arsenal was in the dominant position in the game, and it could even be said that the game was completely under Arsenal's control.

Arteta said Arsenal had created chances but failed to end the game, while United would seize the opportunity to punish Arsenal as long as they had the space. United had three scoring opportunities and scored three goals. They can succeed with a single pass and Arsenal have plenty of chances but not enough goals.

Arteta believes there is no problem with Arsenal's performance and chances of dominating the game.

Arteta expressed his displeasure with the referee of the match, who he believed lacked consistency in the referee's performance and Arsenal scored in the 12th minute, but the referee believed that Erdegaard had fouled Eriksen first and the goal was invalid. Arteta didn't think it was a foul. The Manchester United player had a foul on Saka, but the referee did not consider it a penalty. Inconsistencies in refereeing standards are really hard to understand.