Mu Shuai talk about the loss: prefer to lose 1 game 0-4 rather than 4 games to lose 0-1


Roma, who won 3 and drew 1 in the first 4 rounds, collapsed in this round of Serie A. They lost 0-4 away to Udinese, and Mourinho suffered his first loss of the season. But after the game Mourinho said he would rather lose 4 goals in 1 game than lose 1 goal in all 4 games.

Mourinho said it was a difficult game, Udinese is very difficult, they know how to play such a game. Udinese's defense is very good and Roma will be in trouble if they fall behind in the score.

Mou said that Dybala was the best player in this Roma performance and he had a chance early on. But then the game was completely in the hands of the other team. Roma had chances to equalize and overtake the score, but failed to grasp it. Roma had one header in the game that hit the frame of the goal, and a potential penalty that could have been offside. Regardless, Mou stressed that the coach is not qualified to complain about the referee in a 0-4 loss.

For the 0-4 loss, Mu Shuai said he would rather lose 1 game by 4 goals than lose 4 games by 0-1, because it is better to lose only 3 points than to lose 12 points. Losing is hard to accept, but life goes on, the team has a game on Thursday and must look up and forward quickly.