Juve officially disclosed that Pogba underwent knee surgery and may not be able to participate in the World Cup


Juventus officially announced that Pogba underwent a successful surgery to remove the outer meniscus, which was completed by Professor Roberto Rossi in the presence of Juventus medical director Dr. Luca Stefani.

Juventus did not disclose the days that Pogba will need to recuperate, although it is widely believed in the Italian media that Pogba will need to rest for a month and a half to 2 months, which means that Pogba will probably not be able to participate in the World Cup in Qatar since the World Cup will take place in late November.

Pogba had just reported to Juventus shortly after suffering an injury to the lateral meniscus of his knee, after which he underwent conservative treatment for five weeks, but the results were not ideal and eventually Juventus and Pogba decided to undergo surgery.