Pioli: Milan this win in the tactical design we dominated the game for 70 minutes


Milan derby, AC Milan beat Inter 3-2, Milan manager Pioli said his team won in tactics.

Pioli first praised the players and said he was very satisfied with the team's performance. The players showed their desire to win, and also showed their humility, high level and abundant energy, as a coach, he felt very happy.

Regarding the tactics of the game, Pioli said that Milan mainly attacked the left side in this game, and it also achieved results. Milan's passing was not much interfered by Inter, so Milan didn't need to press too much. The way Milan played was unexpected by Inter, who had expected Milan to press higher up the pitch. Although Milan did not press much, the physical intensity put in was greatly increased.

Pioli said that the team has grown a lot against strong opponents and it was impossible to dominate the game for all 95 minutes, but Milan did manage to dominate the game for 70 minutes.

Pioli also praised goalkeeper Maignan, saying that Maignan has surprised him. Both in goal and as a man, Maignan is very good.