AC Milan defeated Inter Milan 3-2


AC Milan 3-2 Inter Milan

(18:00 Italy local time on 3rd), the 5th round of Serie A 2022/23 season started to fight, AC Milan beat Inter Milan 3-2 at home, Leo double, Giroud pass, Brozovic and Dzeko scored for Inter Milan.

  Inter Milan won 3 and drew 3 in their last 6 league matches away from AC Milan. Inter Milan only lost 2 of their last 12 league meetings, with 6 wins and 4 draws in the remaining 10 matches. This is the 231st official Milan Derby match, after Inter Milan won 84, drew 68 and lost 78. In 178 of those Serie A meetings, Inter Milan won 67, drew 56 and lost 55, including 34 wins, 26 draws and 29 losses on the road. De Caterpillar, Messias, Tonelli, Carullo and Calabria rotated out. Inter Milan only rotated with Lautaro and Bastogne.

  In the 21st minute, Correa passed directly to Brozovic, who shot low into the bottom left corner from the edge of the box. AC Milan equalized in the 28th minute when Tonari intercepted the ball in front of the field and distributed it to Leo, who shot diagonally from outside the top left corner of the small box to make it 1-1.


Inter Milan 1-0, Brozovic


AC Milan 1-1, Léo

In the 54th minute, Leo crossed the ball from the left side and Giroud shot it into the back corner from 10 yards in front, making it 2-1. In the 60th minute, Giroud crossed the ball and Leo shot it into the far corner from the left side of the box, making it 3-1. Inter Milan pulled one back in the 67th minute when Darmian crossed the ball from the left side of the box and Dzeko pushed it into the net from the edge of the box and hit the left post, making it 2-3.


AC Milan 2-1, Giroud


AC Milan 3-1, Léo


Inter Milan 2-3, Dzeko

AC Milan (4-2-3-1): 16-Meinion; 2-Calabria (84',24-Kejar), 20-Carrulo, 23-Tomori, 19-Teo; 4-Bennasser, 8-Tonali (84',32-Bobega); 30-Mesias (72',56-Salemax), 90-Deketelel (63',10-Diaz) 17-Leo; 9-Giroud (73',27-Origui)

Inter Milan (3-5-2): 1-Handanovic; 37-Schkriniar, 6-Devereaux (84',33-Dambrosio), 95-Bastogne (64',32-Dimarco); 2-Dumfries, 23-Barrera (63',22-Mkhitaryan), 77-Brozovic, 20-Chahanoglu, 36-Darmian (84',8-Gosens); 10-Gozens Goossens); 10-Lautaro, 11-Correa (64',9-Dzeko)


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