Garvey has yet to renew his contract with Barca Bayern are closely watching his situation


Barca completed their best transfer window operation in recent years, signing stars such as Levan, Rafinha and Conde.

Laporta, Alemani, Cruyff Jr. and other executives can now relax, but not for too long. Barca have other issues to address that were put on hold during the transfer window, such as Garvey's contract extension. The midfielder's contract expires in June 2023.

Garvey, who is already a mainstay in Xavi's squad, has performed well against Sevilla last weekend, winning him accolades and casting him as the best player on the pitch.

According to Bild, Bayern Munich is still watching Garvey's situation at Barcelona.

Bayern will act if he still does not sign a new contract before January, while Liverpool have also been linked to prices in the past.

However, Barca have already expressed confidence in renewing their contract with Garvey, with ESPN reporting that the situation now is that Barca will find a date to sign a new contract with Garvey.