If a Barca player does not participate in the promotional activities 3 times, he will receive a 10% pay cut.


One of the goals of Barca president Laporta is to reduce the club's salary expenditure. Several players are overpaid and the club has negotiated with them to lower their salaries. Barca recently negotiated salary cuts with pique, Busquets and Frenki De Jong, among others.

For a player to get a pay cut, the two sides must reach an agreement. However, according to Radio Celle, according to the terms of the contract, Under certain conditions, Barca can unilaterally adjust the salaries of their players.

If a player does not participate in the club's promotional activities, Barca can deduct 10% of the player's salary. Specifically, if a player misses three publicity campaigns throughout the season, Barca can implement the above penalties.