Levan's contract was exposed: if he did not play 55% in the third year, Barca could terminate the contract


Levan has adapted perfectly to Barca and he started the season very well.

The Poland international scored five goals in four La Liga games and he started all of them.

However, according to Marca, Barca set a clause in his contract that if he played less than 55% in the third season, Barca could end his contract with him at the end of the season and not fulfill the fourth year contract.

Western media revealed some details of Levan's contract, which he signed with Barca this summer for a contract until June 2026, but not a fixed contract for 4 years.

Levan is in very good form at the moment, but the club's directors want to make sure that if he can't maintain a certain level in the future or can't play a certain number of games, the club can terminate his contract.

The media disclosed Levan's income. His annual salary after tax is €10 million this season, rising to €13 million in 2023/24 and €16 million in 2024/25.

In the final season, the 2025/26 season, if he stays, his salary will drop to 13 million euros. But beyond that, there will be floating prizes ranging from €300,000 to €1 million to win a treble.

Winning only the Copa del Rey does not get any additional prize money, it must be combined with one of the trophies in La Liga or the Champions League.

Barca signed Levan for a transfer fee of 45 million euros plus a floating transfer fee of 5 million. Levan's arrival was a joint decision of the board and the coaching staff. Harvey was pleased with the addition of the Poles.