Pique and Alba should understand that they can contribute without playing


At an event on Monday, former Barca defender and captain Puyol expressed his views on the new season for Barca and Barca players.

He believes that in the new season, Alba and Pique in the team must redouble their efforts to prepare for various opportunities in the new season: "Although I did not talk to them (Alba and Pique), I know that the players have to be competitive and they have to train 100%. I believe the team will need them and they will have to perform well when the team needs them. ”

At the same time, he did not forget to praise Pique: "Because he played a lot of games when he was injured, and coming to the court with an injury made him pay the price." While Barca have been well strengthened defensively, Pique is a good player and if he plays 100% he will be important to the team. He can also contribute his experience in the dressing room. ”

Alba has been on the bench since his start in the first game of the new season and has been replaced by Baldur in the last three games. The arrival of Marcos Alonso also provides more competition in the Barca defender line. Pique has also been delayed this season due to the arrival of Conde and Christensen.

Puyol said of the end of his career: "How to deal with the role of the substitute is up to each person to decide. As you get older, your perspective may change and you will understand that you can also help the team off the field. I might get angry if I couldn't play, but in the last year of my career, I told Tata (Martino) not to let me play. Because I think Baltra needs more playing time. I'm sure they'll take into account the overall interests of the team. ”