Iron Gate error Sane final front savior Bayern 1-1 to stop three consecutive wins


Sane's savior Bayern won 1-1 to a three-game winning streak

At 00:30 Beijing time on August 28 (18:30 local time on the 27th of Germany), the fourth round of the 2022/23 Bundesliga season was contested, Bayern Munich drew 1-1 at home to Borussia Monchenging, Thuram took the lead, and Sane was the savior before the final. Bayern's three-game winning streak was ended.

Bayern have lost twice in their last four league home games against Borussia Monchenging. It was the 109th Bundesliga meeting between the two teams, following Bayern's 51 wins, 30 draws and 27 defeats, including 38 wins, 11 draws and 5 defeats at home. Davis rotated.

In the 34th minute, Müller's cross from the right was met by Mane's close-range shot into the empty net, but the offside position of Sane interfered with the defence and the goal was ruled invalid. In the 39th minute, Sane's diagonal pass was pushed by Mane from the edge of the penalty area, but the goal was again invalidated due to Paval's offside in the middle. In the 43rd minute, Yu Pamecano missed a mistake and Thuram single-handedly burst into the net from 12 yards.


Mane's goal was invalid


Mane's goal again was invalid


Borussia Moncheng 1-0, Thuram

Bayern equalised in the 83rd minute when Musharra's pass from the left side of the penalty area swept into the bottom left corner from 12 yards to make it 1-1. Bayern made 20 shots on goal, but Borussia Borussia Monde made 19 successful saves.


Bayern 1-1, Sane

Bayern (4-4-2): 1- Neuer; 5- Pavard, 2- Yu Palmecano, 21-Hernandez, 19- Davis; 11 - Koeman, 18 - Sabitzer (67', 42 - Musharra), 6 - Kimmich, 10 - Sane (85', 4 - De Ligt); 25-Mueller, 17-Mane (68', 7-Gnabry)


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